Marge Campbell is the founder and president of Feng Shui Consulting located near Spruce Meadows in Calgary, Alberta. Marge has been working with Feng Shui since 2006.

Marge received certification in Feng Shui from Mount Royal University and Zone Feng Shui (Debra Ford). Marge has continued studies with David Kennedy (Feng Shui for Dummies) and Karen Rauch (Move Your Stuff Change Your Life) as well as advanced courses in Feng Shui – including dowsing, Feng Shui for children and classrooms, businesses.

Marge has acquired a great deal of experience working with the various aspects of Feng Shui and its effects in the environment.  Please refer to the Services button for information. Thank you!









Misson Vision and Value Statements for Feng Shui Consulting


The mission of Feng Shui Consulting is to create a balanced environment in all aspects of our lives by working with energies.


Feng Shui Consulting vision is to assist clients in creating an environment they feel good about and which begins a process of positive change in their lives.


Feng Shui Consulting desires to work for the highest good of all involved with an attitude of respect and compassion. To honor our clients and empower them to move forward in their lives with even more courage.