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The Building and Construction of your new home, office or worksite

Choosing the site and plans of your new home, office or worksite:

Clients who research how energy affects the buildings and sites they will live and work in are happier and more content in their environments. This approach saves money in the long term in your real estate purchases. This process is must in many cultures and one that serves clients well.


Are you wondering which home or work site would be best?  We evaluate the different sites, the area and buildings surrounding the site, assessing which one would be best energetically. 


Are you designing a new home or renovating your current home or office? There are so many designs to choose from.  Feng Shui Consulting considers the designs that speak to you, going over each plan to see which one provides the best energy flow.  Prior to beginning construction or even doing renovations, first, check those out with Feng Shui Consulting who can work with your architect. Beautiful curving staircases can look amazing, but are an energetic nightmare.


It takes a minimal amount of time to have Feng Shui Consulting review your plans and point out areas that require consideration.  It is well worth the investment.


The construction phase of your new home or office:

Feng Shui consulting will guide you in optimizing the energy flow in your home or office using Feng Shui.  Feng Shui Consulting has the experience and expertise working with home designers/builders and interior decorators.


When a new home, business or neighborhood incorporates Feng Shui principles in the initial design, harmony and balance can be created. When working with a new design, or renovations, it is important to develop the focus and intention of the space.


We created a Feng Shui Builders Guide to assist you in building your new home. Recommendations regarding finishing materials and color are provided to ensure a balanced environment.

It contains many tips and ideas when considering:

  • what materials to place in the home – for example no rugs, only hard surface flooring.

  • how to finish the ceiling

  • what cures to put in place during the construction that will assist in energy flow and no one will notice – and, last the life time of the building!

  • and more!


Clear the energy in your space prior to selling or before moving in:

It is wisdom on your part to clear any residual energy from previous owners or contractors with a Space Clearing.  Feng Shui consulting comes in and does this for you to ensure a truly fresh start to this new space in your life!


Moving into your new place:

Wondering where to put that heirloom gifted to you by Great-Grandma or the water-color that your partner created? Placement of furniture and accessories in your new home is important to create a balanced energy flow.  Feng Shui consulting will help you get those items in the right location so you actually “feel” the balanced energy in your environment.



Just as energy can be manipulated in the home or office to provide enhanced energy flow, so to it is possible to do this in your landscaping.  Whether you are beginning from scratch or redoing the landscape in your home in the city or in a rural setting, Feng Shui will ensure that energy flows in the best way. 


Example: homes with walk out basements and the yard slopes away from the house – your money is flowing away from your home, not into your home.


Feng Shui has answers how to energetically avoid these common challenges in landscapes.

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