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Real Estate

Real Estate Presentations and Printed Guides for the Seller and Buyers:

Feng Shui Consulting can do a workshop for the realtors in your office, helping them to understand Feng Shui Principles as they relate to Real Estate.

We have printed guides for the Realtor, the Seller and the Buyer to assist in the faster sale of property.Contact us if you would like a presentation given to the Realtors in your office.


Staging your home / Resale of homes:

By having a Feng Shui consult specifically geared to staging a home for resale, you can ensure your home is energetically balanced with fresh ideas pertaining to color, placement of furniture, clutter and creating a warm welcoming atmosphere to potential home buyers. Feng Shui Consulting looks at how the energy flows in the home and then can offer recommendations which, may assist in the faster sale of your home or business. When you book a staging with Feng Shui Consulting, receive a free Feng Shui Buyers Guide to assist you when you purchase your next home.


Purchasing a prebuilt home:

There are many things to consider when purchasing a new prebuilt home and it can get a bit confusing.  There may be remarks about the energy of the home, how it “feels” when you walk in.  Clients will say “I love this house, but there is just something about it – I can’t put my finger on it – I love it, but I don’t think I can live in it.” 


Before you make a final decision to purchase, call Feng Shui Consulting to look at your purchase from an energy perspective. This will determine where the home could be out of balance especially if a critical zone is missing; for example – the abundance or love and relationship zone.  When a zone is missing, and not addressed, over time it will affect the lives of the occupants – it has been proven over and over.  


There is always a Feng Shui cure, but in some cases, it is better to look for a different home if you are still considering your options than purchasing one where the energy is flow is difficult.  Again, it is at some day, about resale!


Energy flow is related to the location or the properties surrounding the lot (schools, churches, cemeteries, freeways and the like).  Every location, every home has a story and it is better to look into the energy of the home and neighborhood before making a final decision.  Remember - you will live with the consequences that energy!

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