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Remote or On Site Available

  1. A Traditional Feng Shui Consultation in your home or office


   2. The Building and Construction of your new home, office or worksite

  • Choosing the site and plans of your new home, office or worksite

  • The construction phase of your new home or office

  • Clear the energy in your space prior to moving in or selling

  • Moving into to your new home or office – where to put what


   3. Real Estate

  • Feng Shui Presentations for Realtors

    • Guides for Sellers and Buyers

  • Staging your Home for Resale / Resale of Homes

  • Purchasing a Prebuilt home


  4. Setting up a new business


  5. Space Clearing  (Energy Clearing)

  • Space Clearing (this is not to be confused with the next bullet, they are different)

  • Removing Geopathic Stress, Energy Forms, Vortexes and Negative Earth Radiation (Dowsing)



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