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Clearing Clutter

Welcome! To Feng Shui Consulting, Calgary! We are very excited to come to you in this way! Our goal is to inform, you, the reader, about Feng Shui and how working with energy improves our lives. The first thing to discover is that "everything" is energy.

We have forgotten that we live in a world of energy and by manipulating that energy our lives can be come more harmonious and peaceful! Where do we start? Well, I explain to my clients the most important aspect of Feng Shui is clearing your clutter - OMG! really, do I have too, I have so much stuff!

Clutter - how does this feel?

No, you do not have to, However, if you do not clear the clutter, manipulating the energy will be difficult. Energy get stuck and stagnant in "stuff"! Remove the "stuff" and energy flows. Pretty simple. So, this is where we begin. Feng Shui is a journey and this is just the beginning!

Clutter Cleared - now how does that "feel" to yo

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