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Clearing the Energy in Your Environment

Space Clearing

This is entirely different from clutter clearing. This is about clearing the energy in your environment.

The world is form manifested from energy. So if we think positive, the energy around us is positive. If there are negative thoughts then the energy is negative. So, when you move into a new space, you have little or no idea what went on in that space prior to you moving in. That energy positive or not remains in the environment until it is cleared. It just keeps piling up - just like clutter,

I know space clearing is critical to positive energy flow in your surroundings, so consider clearing that energy and I can come and do that for you. Whether you have just moved into your space, renovated, had a domestic with the partner or there was health issues in the home, guaranteed the house is begging to have a space clearing so it can "breathe" again.

And, you, can feel the lighter energy in your surroundings, enabling you to feel more peace.

After the Clutter Clearing Blog was published, a Resources page was added; there you will find a Professional Organizer to help you with all your down-sizing requirements. Please check out LightenUp Organizing, Calgary. These ladies are efficient! Website:

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