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Are you considering hiring a Feng Shui Consultant?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Philosophy that individuals, business people and home owners alike, consider when creating balance and harmony in their environment. Feng Shui philosophy manipulates energy to create a more favorable orientation in the home or office. While we may not be able to see energy, energy is all around us and affects all aspects of our lives.

China has utilized Feng Shui for more than 4,000 years; Feng Shui is gaining popularity in the Western World and is used more frequently. Objectives vary depending on what the client is focused on, but there has been great success in creating and maintaining healthy family relations, preservation or growth of financial wealth and harmony. Harmony comes in place when all aspects of the nine baguas are balanced.

Advantages to having a Feng Shui Consultation:

  • Your environment is more aesthetically pleasing

  • Potential for better relationships with those we live and work with

  • You can achieve a calmer demeanor and a more positive outlook on life

  • Those who follow the recommendations given by a Feng Shui Consultant can attest to the fact Feng Shui Consultations help them with their struggles while a more attractive living space

  • Energy flows through out the home more easily. Those who are sensitive to energy can physically feel the balanced, more positive energy

  • The Client understands the importance of removing clutter and space clearing

Things to watch for when looking for a Feng Shui Consultant:

  • Is the potential consultant a true students of Feng Shui and or an interior designers or even a fraud?

  • Does the potential consultant seem knowledgeable about the particular type of Feng Shui? Even passionate about Feng Shui?

  • Be careful of those who say the home requires extensive modifications

  • Impractical suggestions by the Consultant that could result in huge cost considerations that are of no practical value

  • Not all Feng Shui “cures” are practical, but there are always ways to work around impractical ideas, so use discernment when suggestions are made

Spotting a Feng Shui Consultant who may not be all they attest to be:

  • Those individuals who give consultations over the phone – it is like being a doctor, you cannot diagnose the patient without examination

  • Those individuals who claim interior design and Feng Shui are the same – they just are not. Design, layout and style are not the same as Feng Shui

  • Those consultants who give a partial consultations – if one gua or zone is completed, the opposing gua must be done at the same time to have balance.

  • Individuals who desire a following – Feng Shui consultants are not gurus!

Signs of an Excellent Feng Shui Consultant:

  • Here in the Calgary area, the consultant ought to be able to provide proof of being a certified consultant because there is an actual course at Mount Royal University

  • Consultants question the client before the consultation to see what exactly the client is trying to achieve and work towards that goal together

  • Speak into the importance of intention

  • Have great testimonials or recommendations from previous clients

  • Ask for blue prints or a “to-scale” drawing of the space to be “Feng Shui’d” prior to or at the first appointment

  • The consultant will be at the clients home or business a minimum of 2 hours at each visit and not be in a rush, but eager to listen and understand the clients requirements

  • Be able to provide services that, in addition to Feng Shui, support achieving a balanced and harmonious environment

  • Be flexible to the client’s requirements

  • Be available for questions after your consultation - and for how long after?

  • Are considerate of your budget

Factors that influence the cost of your consultation:

  • Size of the home

  • Type of consultation

  • Written report or no report

  • Full report or partial report

  • Does the client desire the yard to be included

  • Does the client desire a space clearing

  • Does the client desire dowsing for non-beneficial energies

  • How many “cures” the client purchases from the consultant

  • Is the home or building being constructed and how much assist is desired from the consultant

There is no set price on a consultation; each one will vary according to the client’s needs.


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