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Feng Shui @ the Bay!

I had a fun time meeting new people with a multitude of questions yesterday at the Bay. It is always interesting explaining Feng Shui and energy to those who are just being introduced to this concept. One fellow asked me what Bagua Mirrors were for -well, they reflect negative energy back to source, I told him. Then he proceeds to tell me on the media, when Calgary was playing Anaheim one of the commentators commented they required mirrors to reflect the negative energy back to "The Ducks"! Not being a hockey fan (no - not all Canadians are hockey fans!), I cannot comment on that, but find it interesting how people do talk and use energy when they are not consciously aware of it. But, then again, perhaps this commentator was "planting seeds" as they say!

I had many questions on the Feng Shui crystals which are used to move energy in a room much like a disco ball directs light. Feng Shui Crystals increase the energy in a room the instant they are hung. It is important to hang the crystal or it won't do the job it was intended to do,

There were inquires on clearing energy, a critical piece! Clearing energy is as important as clearing clutter, but as clutter for the most part can contain negative energy, just because it impedes energy flow, one must clear the clutter, then do an energy clearing, then with intention Feng Shui will work!

Bagua Maps were also a focus of discussion as people were interested to see how the map aligned with their own environment. A bagua map divides the home up into 9 guas, or zones and from this foundational piece of Feng Shui, it is determined how best to enhance the flow of energy through out the environment you live in.

We missed seeing you yesterday, perhaps next time I am out in a public setting you will stop by with your questions!

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