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Wi-Fi Energy Photos

Electromagnetic Frequencies and their effects upon us.

The attached photos are digital ethereal photos of wi-fi energy which is around us all the time – invisible energies which over time, affect our health. There are ways to mitigate this energy as discussed below.

These images are found at this website:

When I am invited into a home for a consultation, there is more than what the Bagua Map reveals to me that catches my attention. I look at a variety of things in your environment that may influence your health and well-being – things that, most, are unaware of.

Understanding the location and movement of the “invisible” earth energies as they affect our well-being is called geomancy. It is the knowledge of utilizing healing earth energies and avoiding potentially harmful ones when building any type of structure. This knowledge has been used in former cultures all over the world. Depending on your situation, where you live, how many electronic devices you use, this may not influence you.

I will go into the various aspects of this, as there are several. I witnessed the effects of this invisible pollution on people’s lives and it can have devastating effects. For example, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) interfere with brain waves, causing us to not get into the deep REM state we require for a restful sleep. The skeletal structure of the human skull is not fully developed until we are well into our 20’s. That EMF energy is directed right into the brain every time we use the phone!

Were you aware that the electrical clock beside your bed generates an EMF field of about 5-10 mG (milligauss), which is much higher than the safe level of max 2 mG. Consider in your bedroom, is there a cell phone, a wireless phone, a TV, a radio with wireless connections? Is your computer on 24/7? Have you checked your children’s rooms?

The damaging effect of EMF pollution is cumulative. Even though exposure to high EMFs has been scientifically linked to a myriad of illnesses, it often takes time to see its effect on the physical body. Some people will react to it quite quickly, and others, with a stronger immune system, will take longer to respond.

We are affected by EMF’s from cell towers, TV’s, cell phones, any electronic device, smart devices – Smart TV’s, Smart thermostats, transmission lines and more. Ways to lessen exposure to high EMF’s in the home:

  • Keep the office away from the bedrooms, the further the electronic devices are away, the weaker the EMF’s

  • Do not keep any electronic devices in the bedroom

  • Turn off electronic devices when not in use

  • Place larger amethyst crystals, Himalayan salt crystals and plants near the electronic devices to mitigate the EMF’s

  • Have a smaller piece of amethyst crystal in your pocket to protect you from EMF’s during the day.

  • Small balls of aluminum foil placed under furniture – so they are out of sight

  • Neutralize harmful emissions with state of the art technology for Making Mobile Phones Safe

Receive more information on EMF’s at:

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