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Space Clearing or Clearing the Energy in your Environment

- Space Clearing – This is not to be confused with the next bullet, they are different

- Removing Geopathic Stress, Energy Forms, Vortexes and Negative Earth  Radiation


Space Clearing:

Space clearing or energetically clearing your environment is a specialized activity that works at deeper levels to clear and sanctify the energies of buildings. For instance, you have a relative/friend who has stayed over even for a few days and when you walk into the room they occupied, you can feel their energies still in a room.  It is recommended to carry out a space clearing to have those energies cleared.

If a loved one transitioned in the home, if you have an argument with your partner or children, if you move into a new home, it is critical those energies from the former occupant are cleared out.  Space clearing does this.  There are many different ways to approach this and we can help.  We cannot emphasize enough how important clearing negative energy from your environment is and how big an impact it can have.

Clients request annual space clearings and I feel it is wisdom on their part.  As I keep track of the energy ratings year to year, it is interesting to see the impact of Feng Shui and general improvements completed over time. 

Removing Geopathic Stress, Energy Forms, Vortexes and Negative Earth Radiation:

Dowsing is utilized to locate non-beneficial energies in the home which enables our consultant to mitigate or in most cases remove them from the environment.  This includes locating geopathic stress, energy forms, vortexes and negative earth radiation.

Geopathic Stress, Energy Forms, Vortexes and Negative Earth Radiation all over time affect the health of our bodies. It is important to identify and release or put cures in place to stop that energy from coming into your environment. 

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