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Real Estate Listings:

Last spring I was in my Valley Ridge home.  The objective was to bring some “life” into the space to bring in positive energy to help sell the property.   I believe we accomplished exactly what we set out to do.  The cures put into place were effective and the result was a more welcoming appeal to the home. For me personally, I felt so much better surrounded by positive energy and felt so much better about the space.  Soon after the property did sell, enabling me to move into my new home.  Yes….I’d say it worked my gratitude and love Marge, thank you.                               



Residential Consultations

I Am truly impressed by Marge's Feng Shui evaluation.  Her suggestions were simple to implement and cost conscious.  Although I have not implemented all the suggestions, already a sense of harmony, peace and balance has been created allowing the positive energy to flow freely in all areas of my family's life.  My house and the occupants are much calmer with noticeably less friction.  I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for sharing your gift with me and my family.  

Dawn Mc.


Thank you for providing us with your expertise in the area of Feng Shui.  Having you consult with our family and more specifically, our seven year old son, Nathan, provided us with a wonderful opportunity and we were truly unaware of the impact it would bring to our home.


Having limited knowledge of Feng Shui, we found the informative package that you provided us with to be very easy to follow.  It was also nice to have some material that was more age specific for our seven year old son which helped give him knowledge of Feng Shui and got him directly involved in making his bedroom a positive energetic space.


Your professionalism and caring approach made it a pleasant experience for our whole family.  Your patience with Nathan and ability to listen and answer all his questions gave him the knowledge and motivation to start making some changes in his bedroom.  The personal crystal you gave him was a nice added touch.  We know that there will be a lot a work ahead of us to Feng Shui his bedroom, but now we have the tools to do so and it is something we look forward to working on together.


On behalf of our family, we thank you for the experience and we recommend this to anyone of any age who is wanting to make some positive changes in their lives.  We look forward to seeing the impact this has on Nathan’s future.  Dave and Teresa F.


"If you are serious about making the time and effort to make positive changes in your life, Marge is a positive catalyst and supportive guide in that process. A spiritual person, she cares about her clients and is sincere in helping others lives become more positive and healthy. Her detailed written report was very helpful, which most Feng Shui practitioners do not offer. I also appreciated that she made herself available by phone or email after the meetings for further questions. I kept my mind open to the process and am glad I did...

Thank you Marge!"  Becky & Charles

If you're serious about big changes in your Marge for her Feng Shui consulting...she worked with me in my home over this past year and I learned from her how my home is a vision board for my life and basically about ENERGY in the home, both positive and negative. I was amazed at how she was able to demonstrate this with her dowsing rods!   Jaime B.


Thank you, Marge, for the inspirational Field of Dreams class using the Feng Shui principles! I discovered new things and had a wonderful time with everyone there! A very special afternoon! I appreciated how well you facilitated the whole thing. Awesome!

Barbara Bond, BA, CUG  (life coach)

From a client who went to a Vision Board presentation:

Please accept my heartfelt recommendation that any course or teaching that you might become involved in with Marge Campbell, please be assured that your course will be delivered with integrity and knowledge. I worked on a vision binder with Marge and I to this day refer to it many times. I am grateful for her organizing such a valuable endeavor and look forward to many more courses and knowledge to come forth this dear one. She is the light and love that the world needs in order to create significant change on this planet.
Linda Munro

Dowsing Testimonial:

“ I had no expectations of how a dowsing would work other than what I had heard about water dowsing. Marge was great at explaining how it worked and why and then spent the next several hours with her tools. At first I thought that the tools could be manipulated but in the second room I was silent and watched how Marge picked up on several issues that she would have absolutely no idea were there or that were of concern. I was amazed!

I strongly recommend a dowsing for anyone to try, it is uncanny how she was able to determine negative energy flows for the entire family and address each one. At the end of the dowsing, I did feel quite tired but was warned that that could be a symptom. A day after the dowsing, it felt very calm in the house which is unusual for a houseful of teenagers! I like the fact that not only does she provide a dowsing but also Feng Shui advice as well- two benefits at the same time! “

Deb S.

Building and Design of new homes:

 I am in the process of designing and building our very first home. I became overwhelmed with how best to start the process for the floor plans and had a meeting with Marge to help assist me with this process using Feng Shui principles. Marge is clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about home design using Feng Shui principles and provided me with an easy to follow document that offered great advice to help get me started.  I hope she will be able to combine all her knowledge in a book to provide these tips to the general public as I know it will help so many people. Thank you Marge!

Munira J.

Space Clearing (Energy Clearing):

Hi Marge - First off let me thank you for doing such a wonderful job clearing the energy in our home! Both my mom and my husband noticed cold/flu like symptoms for a few days after the clearing as you mentioned they likely would.

I have purchased some Himalayan Salt Lamps for our home and got the crystals you suggested. I greatly appreciate your recommendations as I feel you offered much more than just a house clearing with your cures, crystal suggestions and input on natural supplements. I couldn't agree more than an integrated approach (mind, body and spirit) is the best way for me to fully heal from my diagnosis.

I highly recommend your work to friends and family alike.

Kind Regards,

After just a couple of hours of Marge cleansing the place I noticed a difference in the energy with in my apartment.   Living in an apartment the energy can get quite askew from other suites.

Marge had great advice on how to redirect energy from other suites as well as to get rid of negative energy with in my own suite. Marge was a true professional and her advice was on point.   My place feels lighter and more positive.  

Jackie T.

Marge came to my home to check the energy in all rooms and to clear energy where it was needed. I was fascinated by the experience and felt a definite change in areas of my home that had lower or negative energy. The before and after energy numbers were significant in these areas. I highly recommend Feng Shui Consulting!

 Donna B.

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