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A Traditional Feng Shui Consultation in your home or office


We assess the nine energy zones in your home or work place using the Black Hat Feng Shui Method based on the Black Hat Bagua Map.  We then help you to manipulate the energy in those nine energy zones to get the energy flowing more positively.  This has such a huge impact on everyone, as you create a more harmonious environment.


Feng Shui traditions inform us if you alter your environment to reflect your desire for something, you can increase your chances of obtaining it. In theory, this implies you can use Feng Shui techniques to attract love, improve your earning power to the next level or to achieve success.


This Feng Shui consultation requires two visits and a detailed customized approach in assisting you to “Feng Shui” your home.



Do you desire to get a promotion, change careers? Or get along better with your co-workers? We can assist you to begin moving the energy in your office –either your home or traditional office to set your intentions in these areas, to begin to change your life. 


Feng Shui in the workplace can assist in increasing the turnover of inventory, attract business there by increasing your profits as well as facilitating improved business relationships with direct and indirect contacts. 

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